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Hi All,Here is a post that is short on verbiage and long on images. I realize that’s what people prefer due to my personal verbosity (I do tend to talk a lot, not so much when I write). The brief backstory is that a friend of mine had her daughters first birthday party at her house and invited us (my family) to attend. I brought my camera and this is the result (I am not cheap, I brought a present, this just happens to be the icing). 

Enjoy and let me know what you think. Thanks.



P.S. Please select the triangle button on the lower left of the slide show.


Keith, I saw you briefly yesterday at the memorial celebration for my wonderful sister, Jan. In the photos from Alli’s party you truly captured Jan’s essence and the beauty of that tremendous smile! Of course I love each of the photos of the children (who wouldn’t?) but my kudos go to you for capturing Jan, with both her inner and outer beauty.
She was radiant that day, it was her last fun party, and you gifted us with your photography.


Barb Dinunzio

Thank you! I don’t believe I could say anything more meaningful than what Kathleen has already said. Jan is a special cousin and I will forever be grateful for your kindness in sharing these pictures with us. Thank you Keith, Dena and Greg.
Please feel the love that Isend out to you.

Kathleen Lecheler

Keith,Thank you for sharing your gift of photography. You not only gave me a moment of feeling right there, but you also captured a lasting moment for me of my cousin Jan. She left this world yesterday and it gave me great comfort to see how joyous she was in the presence of her family. Being so far away, I was reminded through your eyes, what a wonderful spirit she has!

Kathleen, It was truly a pleasure. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your cousin. I am happy though that the photographs enabled you to see her enjoying herself at her granddaughter’s birthday. It is in these instances that photography is invaluable.

I’ve got teary eyes from watching this picture slideshow! Everyone’s being is wonderfully captured, and little Alli looks adorable in every special moment. Thanks for sharing!

Harry, Stacy and Grace Lee

Absolutely beautiful! We felt like we were part of the celebration even though we were thousands of miles away. You captured the day so lovely through the camera. This was very special. Thank you for sharing your talent!

Those pictures are wonderful, I admire your talent. Ally is the superstar that day, it is nice to see all of her family and friends to share in such a blessed day to celebrate her first year of life here on earth.

What amazing pictures! I am a little teary eyed looking at all the family together. Thanks for sharing your talent!

Keith your work is brilliant!

Jack and Bonnie Patton(GrandDad and GrandMa Patton)

Keith, Bravo…… having not seen Alexandra since November your pictures have given us a sense of being there. All of the kids and adults were captured very candidly and all of them just gorgeous . We loved them all,even though we have a slight favor toward our Grand daughter, our son and daughter in law.
Thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures and sharing them with us.

Jack and Bonnie Patton

Keith you did a great job capturing the moments of our little peanut and there’s some great ones of my Mom too! Your photography melts my heart thank you so very much for capturing our day!

Sweeter than the stevia in my morning coffee!