We try in our small ways to make a difference, it is important for us to partner with non profits + businesses in our community. Every year we donate hundreds of photography hours to numerous families, non profits, schools and organizations. There are so many ways photography can help!

kids in focus

As mentors, we are dedicated to opening the eyes of at-risk youth to their own potential. We are committed to inspiring youth to see beyond their circumstances and create happy productive lives.  Kids in Focus is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering and equipping at-risk kids to shift from surviving to thriving. Through the restorative power of photography and with the guidance of dedicated mentors, the kids are inspired to open their eyes to their own potential and self-worth.

Kids in Focus programs inspire hope in children ages 10-14 who come from backgrounds of poverty, homelessness, neglect and/or abuse. The trauma can be long lasting. As a result, the kids can find it difficult to trust relationships with others and to remain in touch with their feelings and self-worth.

The kids receive much more than a camera. Mentored by professional photographers, together they take a journey of creativity culminating in a public photography exhibit, a hardbound book, and a new self-confidence for the future. The program empowers the kids to explore, to trust and to see the world in a new light.

free arts

For the past decade, we have been fortunate enough to work with Free Arts. From documenting the kids, the professional artist series, the summer camps, being a mentor and offering our photography services at no charge for their advertising campaigns. Free Arts is the only nonprofit organization in Arizona delivering creative and therapeutic arts programs, at no cost, to children ages 3 to 21 who have faced abuse, neglect and homelessness.  Mission – Healing abused and homeless children through artistic expression.  Vision – To be the premier resource for the healing effects of the arts in children through programming, advocacy, resource development and education.

About the children they serve, the majority live in… Domestic violence or homeless shelters with one or both of their parents.  Foster care group homes where they’ve been placed due to abuse or neglect.  Residential treatment centers where they’re working through issues such as physical and sexual abuse, substance abuse, and violence.

east bali poverty project – personal project

The mission was to document a village in Bali, Indonesia and showcase what EBPP was trying to accomplish. The goals of EBPP are: Sustainable, long-term change begins with education, education begins with children, and children must be healthy to learn. They are to:

  • provide integrated and relevant education for children as a foundation for future empowerment;
  • improve nutrition through a nutritious school meal and education for future growth;
  • ensure better health through health education, improved nutrition and hygiene;
  • eliminate iodine deficiency among children and reproductive-age women;
  • improve farmland organically for long term food security and eventual self-reliance

East Bali Poverty Project