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Chat, Chew and Chocolate is this amazing outlet for “inspirational girl time” founded by our friend Dena Patton.  CCC has a huge following of women that inspire and inform each other.   Check out their charity called “Girls Rule” – these women do lots of great things!
Here’s a few words taken from their website:

CCC is an award-winning events and education company for fabulous women to connect, and to have more fun, friendship and Me Time in their busy lives. With our growing community (online and live!) we have lots of ways to inspire you! Many women put themselves on the back burner, leaving little time for fun, relaxation or Me time, all of which are pertinent to a balanced life. CCC is out to revolutionize women’s culture by bringing “me” time back to women’s busy lives.

We provide events, educational opportunities, merchandise and services that profoundly enrich, enhance and empower women worldwide. A few examples are: Our chapter events(never a membership, always fun!), our CCC Party Kit (throw your own party for 8), private events (for your women’s groups), corporate events (for your business, associations or convention), The National Day of Play (for the world to play),uplifting education (from our experts), an eClub (to connect women worldwide) and much more.