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Fall family photos

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why this should be an annual tradition

Fall family photos are an annual requirement for some families. Others it could be an every other year thing and for some, having a family photo taken is a rare occcurence.

We have a few clients that annually document each child’s birthday, family milestones and holiday photos.

I am enamored by this dedication to documenting the life of their family. (I however, am not as dedicated as this. We rarely take a full family photo together. There I said it out loud.)

But our kids do have a well documented childhood so they probably will not need a therapy session about why their youth was not photographed. Our weakness is the full family photo.

This should be an annual tradition.

Take a look at this multi generational family session at a local park here in Phoenix. Grandparents, their children with their children. The full family.

Fast forward a few years, how happy will everyone be that they took the time for this family session?

There are memories right here. Future generations will get to look back on these photos and see what everyone looked like before they were old. (I use the word old jokingly. My kids have their mind blown every time they see a photo of Keith or I from when we were younger, they can hardly fathom a time before we were not parents which automatically = OLD in their minds).

I would give my right arm (or maybe something I use a little less) to have had a photo shoot with my grandparents.

Ya we have the occasional snapshot but nothing with all of us together except for one, on my first communion day with a flower crown and a huge space between my teeth. Nana is looking angry and Pep looks like he would rather be anywhere but in that photo. And that’s it.

My grandparents were some of my favorite people in the entire world. I often imagine how happy I would be to look at a photo of us interacting and clearly seeing the joy and love we had for each other.

And of course add in my parents, sister, cousins and next generation. How special would that photo be?

Trust me it would be framed and prominent.

Bottom line, document your family (with fall family photos!)

(and make sure you print photos – I finally have two photos walls in the house that I adore! What took me so long???)

where to get your prints? I love Costco for just about everything, but not printing gorgeous photos. Try this trusted lab.








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