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dig_cam_Canon_PowerShot_G10The current issue of Consumer Reports is reviewing digital cameras…I though I would update the info on our family camera, the Canon G10.

We have been using this camera for several months now, and just love it! It was a little complicated for me at first, but Keith calls it “the professional’s point and shoot” – that is a pretty good endorsement – it takes darn good pictures!

Here’s what Consumer Reports had to say (and by the way, they recommend it):

CR’s Take
This produces images with excellent sharpness and some noise. It performs very well, with short next-shot delay, although it did have some first-shot delay. Excellent dynamic range lets it shoot in a wide variety of situations. It can save images in RAW format, which allows you more creative control over editing images. It has a hot shoe for an optional external flash, which is rare on point-and-shoots. Manual controls and focus make this camera more versatile than other models. It also Includes an optical viewfinder, which can be helpful when composing in bright light. For an expensive camera, though, it had a disappopinting maximum ISO with best quality of 200.

Very good image quality. Short next-shot delay. Excellent dynamic range. Can save images in RAW format. Includes hot shoe. It has an ergonomic grip, which can help steady the camera. Includes manual controls and focus. Also features wide-angle capability. Includes optical viewfinder. Long battery life.

Very expensive. Exhibited some first-shot delay. Design places flash too close to where you hold the camera, possibly obstructing the strobe. For such an expensive camera, it should shoot better in low-light situations. Among the heaviest compacts.