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Gabby turns 5 today! My baby is really not a baby anymore….

I look at this picture and a flood of emotions overcome me. I could cry. I remember that day (2.1.07) like it was yesterday. The delivery was quick. The doctor handed me my little girl just after this image was captured. She was so warm, so wet, so beautiful. This photo takes me right back to that special moment. I have a lump in my throat.

When I look back at all the photographs Keith has taken of our children – I can easily say that my favorites are of their births. I have documentaries of both our girl’s births that are so beautiful, so thoughtful, so unbelievably special.

I am so fortunate to have such a fabulous husband, my girls have the best dad in the whole world and we all benefit because he also happens to be an amazing photographer.

Thank you Keith. I love you.

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Amazing shot…what a great way to preserve a special memory. Happy birthday, Gabby!!

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