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The sign of good photography is its timelessness.

There is something magical about a couples session either before their wedding or 10 years after. These are different photos. They are about the two of you and your love for one another, engagement photography is who you are as a couple.

One of the couples featured below is about to celebrate their anniversary. I was looking back at some photos from their wedding and engagement shoot over 7 years ago and came across a few photos from this session at the Royal Palms and my takeaway is that I still really love these photos. There is nothing dated about them, no current fad in the post processing, no outdated style, just beautiful photographs.

Couples should have photos at any point in their relationship.

I always think of the Kennedy family’s wedding photography, candid, elegant and timeless. Just google Jackie + John’s wedding or Carolyn Bessette + JFK Jrs wedding photos and there is absolutely nothing about this wedding photography style that is dated – it withstands fads and trends. It could have been and still could be on the pages of Town + Country.

The sign of good wedding photography is its timelessness.

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