Hello world! Part ii


the blog:

As I mentioned previously, I assisted a good number of great photographers and a greater number of really good photographers whose names will probably not get their due. During this time I kept up with shooting weddings. I was really good at it and I enjoyed the challenge. I see them in the same light as sports photography. You only get one chance to capture the moment or it is gone. If you miss it you will soon never work again. The skills I learned in commercial photography have helped me on numerous occasions with weddings. I have also taken the speed and decisiveness required for successful weddings and applied it to my other photography outlets. After 5 years in the dual role of assistant and shooter I made the jump to full time photographer. I again continued to shoot weddings and commercial photography. While shooting weddings primarily, I have traveled across the U.S., Canada and Mexico doing beauty photography for clients such as Passion Beauty, Inc. For weddings I have traveled the U.S. and as far as Virgin Gorda, B.V.I..I am currently married to the perfect woman. We were married on the Island of St. John in a Beautiful Villa overlooking a gorgeous beach in Peter Bay. I strongly recomend going there if you have never been. We currently have two daughters and are calling the Verrado neighborhood in Buckeye, AZ home. I still love to travel and work wherever I am needed. If I haven’t scared you off yet then I hope you contact me for your photographic needs, just to talk shop or to ask advice. I look forward to hearing from you one day and also to keeping this blogg updated and interesting.

Thank you,