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I read a lot of magazines every in particular that I look forward to receiving and reading cover to cover is Cookie Magazine.  As a mother of two small girls 4 and 18 months there are usually a few tips that I jot down and a few products that I make a mental note to either buy or buy later.   Here are my notes from this month:
Item to buy:  Blank Bound Books $3.50 each, Treetop Publishing, – my oldest daughter loves to draw while she is in the car…I have lots of loose pages or notebooks full of her drawings, but this is such a great way of collecting her art…and sending a volume to her great grandmothers!

Mother Trick/Tip:  Julie Alvin writes about how fashion designer Cynthia Rowley keeps her 3 and 9 year old entertained while traveling.

  1. For the car:  “turn the volume up on the radio and play along to the songs with tambourines or other kid-friendly instruments.”
  2. For the plane:  “Rowley increases interest and distraction time by wrapping (the toys) them in paper.  The littler one doesn’t know I just wrap her old, regular toys” she says.
  3. For the restaurant:  Rowley averts playing three-card monte with sugar packets.  “We mark the back of one, and they have to follow it – that really keeps them quiet for awhile.
Lastly, I love how every month Cookie’s last page is dedicated to a photograph…usually from a few year’s back…always about REMEMBERING!   (Currently…Cookie Magazine is having a reader-submitted photo competition about Summer Memories.  I like this idea…it is great that they are encouraging photography from their readers!)