Super 8 Films

Super 8 Wedding Films

Selecting an artist to retell your wedding story is not an easy decision. 

Film is the medium that is an everpresent part of our story telling whether it be wedding photography or cinematic shorts.  The organic nature of film, the sense of nostalgia, the transcendence of time, our vision and artistry combine to create not the typical wedding film – but a film as unique as each couple.

Super 8 is used to capture the big moments and small details that all come together to tell your story. Each film is shot with vintage Super 8 cameras.  The film footage is then professionally processed and digitized. (No, you don’t have to gather round the old screen and projector in your grandfather’s basement to watch your wedding film.)

We professionally edit the footage, set it to music, digitally transfer the finished film to a DVD for easy viewing, downloading, sharing and archiving. We will send you a link that you can easily share with friends and family.




lindsay and wes from Keith Pitts on Vimeo.

Esti + Taylor from Keith Pitts on Vimeo.