Tilt/Shift lens trial by fire

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Hi All,

Here are a couple of shots I took at a recent wedding at the Boojum Tree in Phoenix. I was trying a tilt/shift lens for the first time at a wedding. Challenging is a good word for it. It is a lot of fun. It brings me back to my large format days (4×5 inch film) with out the wight and bellows compensation factor. For those that are not aware of tilt/shift lenses I will give a really quick overview. They were designed to correct converging lines (both horizontal and vertical) that appear when your focal plane is NOT parallel to the subject. It also allows for increased depth of field. I have accomplished NONE of that with these photos. That of course was my choice. You can get some cool and extremely narrow depth of field effects that you absolutely can not get with out the ability to tilt the lens of of its axis. It is possible to fake it in photoshop but not that well. If you know what the lens is actually doing then you can usually tell whether it is done in camera or after. If anyone has an opinion on this I would love to hear it.





tilt shift bridal

tilt shift candid