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Hi All,
Tonight I am going to mention a very interesting camera I was told about. It is not from a manufacturer that you would normally think of as a high end camera company. The camera is the EX-F1, and the company is CASIO. Thats right, CASIO. Makers of cheap point and shoots, near disposable watches ( with some really cool features ) and keyboards for musicians. What makes this camera worth mentioning is that it has a high burst rate of 60 FRAMES PER SECOND!!! I did not get that wrong. It can shoot 60 images per second for one second or you can shoot 5 frames per second for 12 seconds. It is a 6 m.p. camera. That wouldn’t bother me if the sensor is good. I have a 30×40 inch print in my studio from a 4.3 m.p. Canon EOS 1D. Megapixels are not the only consideration. Anyway, just click on the picture and you will be taken to to see their take on the camera. I want to be a camera reviewer one day!