We want to hire you as our wedding photographers, can you give us an overview of how the whole process works?

make & stow handmade box for wedding photos

We are so excited to be part of this incredible time for the two of you.

First, we find out more about your wedding photography needs and we put together a quote.

Once you have reviewed and accepted the photography quote, we will send you a pre wedding questionnaire for you to fill out. Nothing painful, just a handful of questions to get to know a little bit more about your wedding day.

The questionnaire and the quote provide us with the information we need to put together your wedding photography agreement.

Once you peruse your agreement (all done in an online portal), ask us any questions, clarify anything that isn’t clear, then you sign and we countersign. An invoice will be automatically generated allowing you to either make the 30% retainer online or drop a check in the mail. Done! Booked!

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father walking daughter bride down the aisle
Ceremony at Brophy Chapel, Reception at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort.

What happens between making our deposit and you photographing our wedding?

If we had our way, every couple would have some sort of session together prior to the wedding. This is such a valuable thing to do for multiple reasons.

First, it gives us a chance to work together before the big day. This isn’t a requirement obviously since there are times that we don’t even speak or meet a couple before their wedding day. But in a perfect world we get the chance to photograph the two of you.

Secondly, these photos are different than your wedding photos. An engagement session, a couple’s session, whatever the label for this type of pre wedding session — are photographs of the two of you being the two of you.

In love, happy and looking amazing in a gorgeous setting.

We are also available to discuss timing, do a walk through of the resort / event space, speak with your planner, basically answer any questions or address any concerns you have. ie Should we have a first look or not?

bridesmaids first look at bride with her wedding dress
Bridesmaid reaction to Bride in her dress

What will happen on our wedding day?

We will be onsite prior to our contracted start time.

We like to walk around the property, see what the light is doing, plan out where certain things (first look, family + bridal portraits, couple’s photos) will take place on the property, view the ceremony site, etc.

While we may have worked at the venue a bunch in the past, the day of weather + lighting conditions determine so many things!

We will more than likely start with getting ready and detail photos, adhering to the time line that we have been given by the wedding planner.

Our job is to immediately make ourselves aware of who the most near and dear people are to you, to focus on the emotions happening all around the two of you and retell your wedding day through gorgeous photos.

mom hugging her daughter after wedding ceremony
Mom hugging her daughter after wedding ceremony

What happens after our wedding?

The post wedding process is very streamlined and always on schedule.

To deliver the wedding images to you at the 3 week mark we have a few things that we need to do.

  1. If any film was used, it is immediately sent off to the lab for developing, processing and scanning
  2. Editing. We review the photos taken on your wedding day and begin making the selections. Personally, this is one of the most important steps in the whole process. One of the reasons you are hiring a professional photographer is because they have a trained eye and will not “spray and pray” but be deliberate about what they photograph. But there are still photos that are not keepers. Such as: photos that are so similar you can’t tell the difference, someone’s eyes are closed or the photo is just not flattering (for one reason or another).
  3. Once the wedding images are culled, they are then color corrected. We do basic retouching, nothing huge because quite honestly, they just will not need it. [That being said, if you had a huge pimple on your face the day of your wedding, we are going to remove that blemish from the photos.] Because we started when film was the only option, we tend to be very deliberate when we photograph, resulting in most photos already having proper exposure and composition. We lived in a world before photoshop so therefore we do our best in camera to make beautiful photographs.
  4. Custom Slideshow. We then create a slideshow of our favorite 100 or so images set to music that we feel best retells your wedding day. Time for the tears to start flowing as we rewatch the wedding while putting it together. By now we know you and your family and we know your relationships, we heard the speeches, saw the tears and hugs. We know your story and this is very emotional.
  5. Online Gallery. The final edited files are uploaded to an online gallery. The photos are categorized by type so that you can locate any photo as quickly as possible and not have to look through all the photos in the gallery to find the one. The gallery is very user friendly and can be shared with friends + family. You (and whomever you share the link with) will have the ability to download the full resolution as well as the social size files. If anyone would like to order prints, they can do that through the site or download the file and order it themselves. All files will be numbered in chronological order.
  6. Proof Book. Once the edited files are ready, we order your 10×8 proof book. This is a great keepsake, a way to see all of the images printed (4 to a page) in order, in one book. The proof book is generally delivered at about 5-6 weeks post wedding.
  7. Prints + USB drive. Simultaneously we order our favorite 100 photographs from your gallery. These 4×6 prints are presented with your USB drive in a gorgeous handmade wooden box.
  8. Wedding Album. If you have preordered or plan to order a wedding album (we hope you do for so many reasons!!!!) we will send you version 1 of your album design. Use the online proofing link that we send you to note your changes and the updated design will be sent to you within 3 days. Once the album design is finalized, the final decisions will be cover fabric, blind embossing, duplicate copies, etc.
bridal party photo in the rain at mountain shadows Arizona

After you deliver our wedding images + deliverables, then what?

For some of our couples, the wedding is just the beginning of a very long relationship.

The wedding is the first milestone we get to be part of but we often have the good fortune of being there for other life events: maternity, birth photos, newborn, baby, toddler, extended family photos.

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We want you to have something meaningful.

Yes, we you will receive the full resolution digital files. No worries about that. 

But we want you to have prints in your hand. Printing your photographs preserves this story, the memories, your narrative. 

We select about 100 of our favorites that we feel best retell your wedding day story, have them printed up at a lovely little lab in Oregon that has been developing our film for years. 

The 4×6 prints + your custom USB drive are presented in a hand made photo box made entirely of American walnut, tied with beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon.

I absolutely love this presentation. I love seeing the wedding come to life in printed photographs. 

Printing your wedding story is such an honor for us. Knowing that this heirloom will potentially be passed down to the next generation is a reminder why we love wedding photography as much as we do.

When someone lifts the lid and sifts through these photos, think of the joy you will have reliving your story, one photo at a time.