Weddings represent moments of meaning. Each love story unique. 

The thoughtful, in between moments with movement, realness, laughter + tears are the moments on a wedding day that only exist once.

We built our business with the desire for quality and an aversion to fads. We appreciate timeless, well done documentary photography because it never goes out of style.

Over time we have continued to refine our craft and grow with relevance, not skipping from trend to trend, responding to the ever-changing visual landscape with our own brand of savoir-faire.

Photographs should connect, have a humanistic element with context + meaning while making people feel confident, strong + beautiful.

We love new adventures + faraway places realizing that travel complements a creative life, it cultivates our curiosity, pushes us forward in so many ways.

Let’s talk about what you love.

It may sound cliché – but we love what we do and we really, really like doing it together. The experience + trust of working side by side for so many years is a gift that we treasure. 


A few years back we were in Sicily to photograph a wedding and decided to turn it into an extended summer family trip. We covered the island in every direction and managed alot of beach time. Cefalu was perfection.



Every summer vacation begins with a trip back east to visit family. Specifically their two great grandmothers. Running through a sprinkler is the epitome of summer fun.  

great grandma's house


(Gabby again, I promise we do take photos of Bella!) She is running through the streets of Paris with her little undies showing. Hands down one of my all time favorites, this also hangs in our home.



What I like to call Keith's National Geographic photo. This print hangs rather large in our home, framed at 40x58. Brings back so many great family memories. 



The time we spent on this tiny Greek island one summer might go down as the most relaxing, family centric time ever. And this picture Keith took of Gabby is one of my favorites.



I was fortunate enough to go on a long overdue girl's trip last year, 3 weeks in Italy. This boat trip around Capri was one of the best days ever. I can still hear our laughter.



Our summer favorites

(photos we love, that bring back travel memories, in no particular order, as told by Melissa)

Aligning our talents with ways to help others
is at the core of who we are.
Why we do what we do.


There's little I love more than a grand adventure, preferably near the sea. I'm so inspired by the sound of the ocean; the wildness in all the waves.

in my spare time

When I'm not traveling or photographing, I can be found curled up on our coach with a candle lit, enjoying a glass of deep red wine with my husband.

in my spare time

Fashion is my first love, and still informs my shooting style, my approach to posing, and my tendency towards editorial imagery, layers, and texture.

in my spare time

It is important to us to volunteer our cameras + time every chance we get.

We use what we are good at in the service of helping others, specifically children.

Fostering resilience through the arts, we mentor children – empowering them by helping them learn new skills, improve self esteem and be part of a caring community.

For well over a decade, we have worked with Free Arts. We have been part of the Professional Artist Series, Mentor Series as well as documenting the soul of what Free Arts is to the community through their Free Arts Days and Summer Camp Series.

Kids in Focus has been close to our hearts for years. This after school Program takes at-risk youth on a journey of discovery through classroom lessons + photography field trips, culminating in a public photo exhibit of their work.

We are honored to be there to capture those smiles and forever preserve images of courage, beauty and dignity. For Flashes of Hope it is taking a child’s portrait that has been diagnosed with cancer, or a family without the means to pay for a family session yet they will treasure for generations one last family portrait with their father.

Documenting in far away places, we were honored to have worked with The East Bali Poverty Project. EBPP is a non-profit in Indonesia that helps thousands of people that live in abject poverty without water, sanitation, roads, schools, health facilities and electricity. Having photos that can help them get their message heard is invaluable.

In this increasing visual world, there are so many benefits from better imagery.

Additionally, we donate hundreds of hours of our time to local non-profits and charities, using photography to help them promote their needs.

Images have power, a single photograph can have so much emotional impact, more than words alone. Aligning photography with the service of helping.

And that’s why we do what we do.

Mostly inspired by our mothers, the idea of of giving back was deeply planted in our childhood.
Cultivated by our own personal experiences, connecting with our community and aligning our talents with ways to help others is at the core of who we are.