Husband + Wife Storytellers

Hi All,
I am not sure that this photo encapsulates a thousand words but it does say everything about the amazing nature of children. What do you think?



If our American way of life fails the child, it fails us all.  ~Pearl S. Buck


Thanks to the both of you. I love this shot. I was having a conversation on portraiture the other day and I mentioned that it dose not have to be a tight head shot. A successful portrait can be so many things and does not even have to include a face ( I shoot a lot of tight head shots by the way). This shot shows that a tight headshot can be interesting too. It is the ability to come at situations from so many directions and walk away with results that keeps me loving photography EVERY day.

This picture is stunning- the exression leaves me wondering what she’s just seen, or was just told. Awesome job.

I love the anticipation in her face, that is just great.  Sometimes I think kids are really hard to photograph, but I think it is the simple looks that make it successful sometimes with the kids.  Great shot.

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