14 Juillet 2012 | Where to Celebrate Bastille Day in Paris

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Well we are in Paris for the month of July. We have been photographing some beautiful engaged couples, adorable families and taking in all the history the city has to offer. Time to get caught up and start sharing some of the highlights of our stay.

What better way to start then a couple pictures of last night’s Bastille Day celebration at the Eiffel Tower. We debated heading right over to the Champ de Mars to watch right up close – and we also debated watching it on television. Then we thought to outloud – how often are you in Paris for Bastille Day? We need to be part of the celebration. But of course with a 5 and 7 year old in tow and the fireworks starting at 10:45 (since it does not get dark until 10pm here) we had to choose an option that the kids could handle. So we looked online for the best place to view the Bastille Day fireworks in Paris. The Place de la Concorde seemed to fit the bill perfectly. The location is just a 15 minute walk from our apartment and we would have a full view of the fireworks without the crowds. Perfect choice. A pleasant walk on a beautiful evening, a spot right near the bridge and the perfect view of a fun fireworks show.

Happy Bastille Day!