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Well I just flipped through my most recent issue of Cookie Magazine…as usual, it was full of great tidbits and info.  We are always wondering what we can do with our kids that will give them life lessons about giving and generosity…Cookie had a great age-appropriate article about just that!  Here is a quick summary:
Smart Giving

If your kids are ready to learn how to save, they’re ready to learn how to give.  Here, three websites to help you kick start their generosity – Mireille Hyde

1. – before your kid’s birthday party, ask guests to donate money to this site instead of giving gifts.  Half of the sum will go toward one large present, the rest to a charity your kids chooses.

2. – the  mission of this blog is to inspire parents to raise socially conscious kids.

3. – If you want to get involved, check out this site, which can help you find reputable charities for which you can volunteer together, organized by cause and state.