greatest day of the year….


the blog:

I know we should be displaying images of the two weddings Keith shot this weekend in New York, but we’ll get to that later in the week.  
Today, we are celebrating the beginning of the NFL season…the day we wait for from the last second that clicks off the Super Bowl clock in February.  The NFL season seems to pass so quickly (especially when your team is having a good year) while the off season seems to drag on forever and ever (regardless of your teams performance from the prior season)!  

The problem in our house on Sunday is that Keith is the number one Miami Dolphins fan in the world…and I happen to be a New England Patriots fan.  Some people look forward to Christmas, for some people the greatest day of the year is their birthday, in this house, the greatest day of the year is the first day of the NFL season (yes, I know the first day for the last several years is on a Thursday, but I mean the first day that the majority of teams play!)

For me, while the Patriots may have won today…our season is in peril…if Tom Brady is out for the season, what does that mean?  Let’s  hope that Matt Cassel is the Tom Brady of the 2008 season!

For Keith, while the Dolphins may have lost…they look like an improved team.  It now seems like the AFC East is up for grabs.

For those who have no interest in the NFL, I am sorry that we bored you!!