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This post is all about sharing beautiful photography with other photographers. I was recently turned on to a blog by a photographer I met while shooting the Ben Deignan and Blues Traveler concert at Verrado. His name is Alan Godwin. I would share his website with you if he had one (I am sure he will soon). The website is It is the product of a very talented portrait photographer in New York by the name of Bill Wadman. I can not do justice to the effort he has undertaken and the beauty he has achieved with a description. I think that anyone interested in photography, from the layman to the pro; from the creatively blank to the most inspired would benefit from viewing this mans blog on a regular basis. It has rekindled ideas in me that lay dormant. Thank you Mr. Wadman and to you Alan Goodwin for letting me know about this. I would love to hear the opinions from any and all regarding  

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