Q & A

Phoenix based husband + wife photographers

We appreciate elegant, timeless, well done photography, it never goes out of style.

We believe that your individuality is what makes you.

Using our cameras to tell a story, we strive to take photographs that connect, have a humanistic element with context + meaning.

We believe that photographs should make people feel good about themselves, confident, strong + beautiful.

We are wanderers.  Travel opens doors, cultivates our curiosity, pushes us forward in so many ways.

Our favorite expression:  “Work Hard + Be Nice to People”


Professional Photographer for 20+ years

Bronx native (and not even a Yankee fan!!!!!!!)

My love of photography began while taking an elective in college. I scrapped the doctor path, with mom’s support and changed my major and became a full time photographer + never looked back.

Prior to being a photographer I was a bartender, model + Navy corpsman

Photography is my passion. I find street photography cathartic.

“I enjoy being a father and husband more than I could have imagined”


CFO turned Photographer.

Lived all over the country but still refers to Boston as home (and miraculously escaped without a horrible accent, but is a Sox fan).

I relax by reading travel magazines and scouring instagram for #homedesign inspiration (most likely with a glass of wine close by).

My dad used to encourage me to be a photographer, even bought me my first “real” camera but it took about 30 years for me to realize that he was right.  Better late than never.

I cherish the time we get to spend as a family. Our 2 daughters living under our roof will be over sooner than I want. Yet I can’t wait to see what they do, where they go and what they become.

I am strong because a strong woman raised me, I hope my girls say that about me one day.

Isabella, age 14

Our oldest daughter.

The family historian. (claims she’s Austrian royalty + Jimmy Fallon’s cousin. Thank you 23 & me!)

She wants to live in Copenhagen, like right now.

Studying French, Cello + Piano.

Loves playing tennis.

Procrastinator (hhmmm wonder where she got that from????)

Favorite vacation: “Besides Copenhagen??? Bali!” She enjoyed meeting the Balinese people, the relaxed vibe and her cooking class.

gabriella, age 11

Our youngest. (she hates the word tween but she is so darn grown up, our little tiny baby!)

Dog lover. (she is responsible for our 3 rescue adoptions)

Cat lover. (this little girl knows the name of every stray she has met from Sicily to Cuba to Greece)

Avid reader. Loves to draw.

Plays the Viola, Piano + rides horses.

Hates math. Loves English.

Favorite vacation: Cayman Islands. Loved spending time with family friends, StingRay City, snorkeling, paddle boarding and the beautiful clear water!