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Advice for capturing memorable wedding moments


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There are few events more special than a wedding day. So many moments that will live on in the memory forever… right?

The thing about your wedding day is that you are often so busy that you forget to savour every moment. It is just not possible to remember all the cute things that happened when you were trying to make sure everyone was enjoying their meal, or when you were saying hello to all your guests.

It can be a difficult balance, so you need help to capture memorable wedding moments that you can reflect back on. Whether you’re having a wedding in the great outdoors or inside a country manor, you’ll want the best photos you can get. Read on to discover some handy hints on how to make this happen.

Find a great photographer

Hiring an amazing wedding photographer is not just about the quality of the photographs they produce. Of course, their portfolio is important, but you should also gel with them as a person. Discuss with them what moments are important to you so that they can do their best to see the day through your eyes.

Appreciate the little things

When talking to your photographer, take a moment to discuss the moments you want to capture. The big group shots, everyone laughing during the speeches, and the first dance are all iconic moments that everyone will want to reflect back on. But make sure you also ask them to snap those times no one would really think about – your grandma falling asleep, the details of the decorations, the secret smiles and tears. These will build a full picture of the day.

Memory book

Aside from wonderful photographs, another fantastic way to capture those little moments is with a wedding guest book. Getting your guests to write a heartfelt message – or something humorous – helps you to remember the moments you weren’t even privy to, including some of your guests’ most intimate thoughts! Set the book out during the day, but also at the reception… Once everyone has been to the open bar, the messages could get a lot more unique!

Wedding box

If you are a bit of a magpie, do not miss out on collecting things from your wedding to help paint a vivid picture. A wedding box can be a wonderful keepsake that can spark great memories of those sweet moments throughout your day. Pressing flowers from your bouquet, keeping a handful of confetti and the champagne cork – all of these will remind you of the small moments you may have forgotten, even years in the future.