Aeolian Islands, Island of Lipari, Sicily, Italy

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Yes, the island of Lipari is about 6500 miles from Phoenix, but it is not a straight line! Planes, Trains and Automobiles is an appropriate reference when putting into context just how far away the Aeolian Islands are. But well worth the 30+ hours of travel time to arrive at the beautiful little island off the coast of Sicily.
We are in Italy to photograph a wedding later this month in Sicily – but why not add on a few vacation weeks ahead of the wedding? It isn’t too often we will have the opportunity to be in Sicily, so we decided to make the most of it. After a little research, the Aeolian Islands seemed like the perfect starting point.

Since we are traveling with our kids, we wanted a leisurely start to the trip. After some research, the island of Lipari seemed like the perfect match. And so far, this little island set amongst other Eolie islands, has not disappointed.

Our first full day in photos. We started with breakfast on the patio of our hotel, overlooking the port of Lipari. Such a gorgeous little spot, Hotel Villa Enrica. Tucked into the hills with amazing views of the town. After sipping on a much needed espresso, we were off on a short ride to a beach in Canneto. A lovely little seaside town with a row of beach clubs, one cuter than the next. The day concluded by walking around Lipari’s old town. Picture perfect little streets tucked in every direction. The walk to the harbor was full of visual splendor and entertaining for the kids. The day concluded with a great dinner. Not a bad start!!!

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