Beachfront Wedding | Allegria Hotel | Long Beach, New York

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“You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.”Oscar Wilde
I love quotes about love. I guess I love quotes in general but specifically quotes that get it all right.

Isn’t it so true that when you are in love, you are in love for those intangibles. The person’s sense of humor or the way they tell a story. Something just clicks. You spend hours together talking about everything and talking about nothing, just happy to be together and you don’t want it to end. Being in love is so unique to the two involved. Maybe onlookers don’t get it, maybe they do – but the important thing is that your partner is singing a song only you can hear. I love that.

With our profession, we see couples in love all the time. It endears me to tears when true love is evident. Seeing in each other what no one else does and somehow finding each other against all odds. Loving each other because of who you are and inspite of who you are. I’m loving love today.

The couple above had a beautiful day at the Allegira Hotel in Long Beach New York. It was Easter weekend so there was still a chill in the air. But that did not stop the couple from enjoying being outside at this beachfront wedding.

The boardwalk and the beach were the perfect backdrop for the formals. The ceremony site is perched atop the hotel with sweeping ocean views. Gorgeous.

It’s always a pleasure to head back east to photograph a wedding. We are constantly amazed by the beauty of desert scenery but it’s hard to deny that we love the opportunity to be near the ocean!