Being thankful for all that we have….and a Happy 2017!


the blog:

I know that the end of any year is widely considered a time for reflection and a time to look ahead at what the new year holds. And I guess that makes perfect sense!

At year’s end we are generally guilt of not really taking time to take it all in. But for some reason this year we felt that we needed some solitude to reflect on how many opportunities 2016 afforded us professionally and as a family. We needed to just stop for a minute and embrace our good fortune and all that 2017 holds. 

Having an improvisational spirit coupled with family + friends willing to oblige our plan – on a days notice we were off to this remote spot near Cabo. Honestly, we were seeking solitude – and that is exactly what we found. 

This puppy followed us for what seems like miles in both directions. Just the three of us walking on the most deserted beach I may have ever been on. This dog looking out over the water reflecting – almost as if this dog had the same exact plan.

Here’s to a Happy 2017!