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A definite star amongst all of the  Scottsdale – Phoenix wedding vendors is Bright Bokeh. These guys are just top notch. They take wedding cinematography to a whole new level. I just love how they call their wedding work ++human crafted films++, doesn’t that just sound beautiful? {Please do yourself a favor and check out a few of their human crafted films on their website, you will fall in love.}

Jonathan Roberts of Bright Bokeh was kind enough to beautifully answer a few questions for us.

What is your favorite part about the wedding day? For the majority of a wedding day we (Jonathan and Jeffery) are focused on bringing the couple’s film to life – and this keeps us quite busy! But there are a some moments that always make us smile. First, I’m becoming more and more convinced that no groom is ever ready to see his bride. She’s always so much more beautiful than he ever imagined and you can see it on his face when he sees her in her dress during their first look or when she’s walking down the isle. We’ve see many a stoic groom get overwhelmed with emotion at the sight of his beautiful bride. And he knows that he’s the luckiest guy in the world to have this wonderful woman at his side for the rest of his life. And secondly, there’s always that moment during a reception when the bride and groom start to feel just how blessed they are by their family and friends. Whether it’s hearing a moving toast by the father of the bride or a bride dancing with her beautiful bridesmaids to their favorite song. How many times in your life do your have loving family and closest friends all in the same place?  Everyone is beautiful and happy and celebrating the fact that these two wonderful people want to spend the rest of their lives together. And how lucky we are to help them to remember it!
There is a lot of competition in your field, if I was a bride, why should I hire Bright Bokeh?  We’re not hobbyists. Our background in commercial work has given us keen eye for delivering the highest quality films. We are able to turn a live-event like a wedding into rich and meaningful films while keeping a very small footprint on the event. As a small team, we thoroughly enjoy getting to know every one of our couples. We’ve never been about creating cookie-cutter videos. Rather, we love embracing the originality of our couples and letting their story and their personalities unfold naturally through our work.
What is your favorite part about your job?  We don’t always get to see our couples’ reactions when they watch their films but it’s an incredibly moving experience when we do. Sometimes we’ll bring an iPad so that they have to hold it together. They laugh, cry, and smile – all the while moving a little closer together. Maybe he puts his arm around her or she snuggles on his shoulder. And they always walk away holding hands. That to me is the most beautiful part of what we do: bringing a couple closer together.
What do you want everyone to know about Bright Bokeh? We really care. We are very passionate about creating the best films possible for our couples. Our motto has always been “human crafted films.” To us, this means that every couple is original, and that their story deserves a great telling. Our goal is that their films would be of such a distinct quality that they would become an heirloom. And, most importantly, that the films bring the whole family together. After all, the best moments in life are the ones we share.
What inspires you? Travel has always been a huge inspiration for me (Jonathan). Meeting people and getting to know their stories is very meaningful to me (especially when you’re forced out of your comfort zone!). It’s so easy to get stuck in an insulated life and forget about the beautiful wide world out there. Think about it: at any given moment some place in the world is getting graced by a beautiful sunrise! I firmly believe that it’s the connections we make with others that matter most in life. So I try to get out of the country at least once a year both to challenge myself and to meet new people. And I always bring a camera with me. 🙂

So well said. Thank you Jonathan for taking time away from this very busy wedding season.

Looking forward to working with them this Friday at a lovely, intimate wedding at The Four Seasons.