Husband + Wife Storytellers

Hi All,
Here are a couple of images of two adorable and energetic siblings that I had the privilege to play with the other day. Enjoy looking and of corse feel free to comment.





Adorable!!! You have a right to be proud! Joanie

These are two of the most photogenic little tikes I have seen! And, I too thank Raegan for sharing them with all of us. They are really special children and she and Rueben are doing such a good job at making their lives so happy.

Such beautiful children. Congratulations on suviving their initial year together. I also had two girls just 14 months apart and it was challenging. They had twin boy cousins at the same time and my chores were signifantly more complicated by the different ages and phases. I can realte to your daily regimen. Thanks for allowing Helen to share their pictures. Deanna Combs

keith,these pics are adorable! it was such a pleasure to meet you and have you capture my children so beautifully! i look forward to seeing more pictures!

so beautiful- you captured their pure sweetness

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