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Hi All,
Here are a few images I was privileged to shoot at Camp Rainbow this past Sunday. Camp Rainbow is in its’ 24th year of providing a refuge for children who either have or are in remission from cancer. The camp is a place to just be a kid and play with friends and peers. Volunteers come from all over the U.S.. Some are past campers and all are wonderful, caring people whose sole desire to do this is to make children happy.

The following photographs were made possible by the great people of “Flashes of Hope“. I would like to acknowledge Lisa O’Brien, whom I worked with/for at Phoenix Children’s Hospital as well as Carie Frabotta, who is the director of the Phoenix chapter of Flashes of Hope. Carie, on top of just being a really nice person to be around is also a pediatric oncology nurse and an excellent children’s photographer here in Phoenix. Let me also thank Susie, who drew the short straw and had to help me organize my campers for the shoot. Lastly, and most importantly, I want to thank the incredible children that I got to meet yesterday.

I would like to hear any and all comments and/or opinions. Thank you.