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Ok, I know this is not the first time that I have wished on this blog that something existed when I was getting married!   I know it is not just my imagination that brides today seem to have such extraordinary options when planning their wedding!  {Do I sound a bit jealous, I think I might be!}  And it’s not like Keith and I were married a thousand years ago – but WOW there are so many amazing options available right at your finger tips (thank you internet!)!  I read wedding blogs all the time – Yes, a fun chore that I love to do to keep up on what is going on in the wedding world. All the time I come across great wedding blogs that include: fantastic ideas, gorgeous little details, amazing photography, pretty much everything that goes into planning a great wedding!
Tonight I happened to be perusing 100 Layer Cake (one of my favorites) and saw a post about “choosing a wedding website”. My oh my, 7 years ago, I would have loved an option like this!  We had a destination wedding on St John USVI that we would have loved to share with those that did not make it (although 65 of you did)!  To think you can share  your registry, rsvps, photos, you name it!  Thank you Wedding JOJO for such a lovely option.  Seven years ago, wedding sites like this did not exist, those that did were clunky and just not pretty!  Thank you technology!  I am marveled every single day!