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I find that I cry at almost every wedding. I think weddings are packed with emotion and the impact of a wedding day doesn’t hit me lightly. It might be during the speeches, one of the dances or during the vows but chances are I will be overcome with emotion at some point during a client’s wedding. But rarely do I cry even before one word has been spoken.

Just watching the groom, his seriousness and interactions just before he walked down the aisle. Couple that with spending time with the bride getting ready and you just picked up little things here and there. The laughter. The family togetherness. The emotion. By the time the groom walked down the aisle and he was crying, I was crying. Forget it when they read their vows to one another. I only know this couple as well as a wedding photographer can know a client, but the sincerity and love was just beautiful. Touching to say the least.

An absolutely beautiful day.

Getting Ready:: The Saguaro Hotel

Wedding Venue:: The Clayton on the Park

Wedding Planner:: A Joyous Event

Florist:: Flowers by Jodi