A little bit of Art Inspiration goes along way

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The annual family escape may seem like all fun and games to the onlooker but it is serious business. Real serious. 🙂

Ok ok it’s not ALL serious but it does have purpose. 

Travel reignites our passion, it leads to new ideas, it is part of our journey to grow, to work harder at what we do, to consistently improve. Just seeing different artists be creative in different forms is inspiring.

A really good example is the Picasso Museum. You may love or hate his art but one thing for sure is that he was always evolving. This man had so much talent. He constantly experimented, reinvented, learned, inspired, borrowed and mastered his art in every shape and form. 

Walking the streets in Paris leads to new discoveries no matter how many times you have enjoyed this city.  Spending time in any of the museums is just one of many ways to celebrate art and invigorate the creative process. 

Escape for a bit, enjoy the beauty, bring back the childhood wonder – celebrate your own journey in your own way no matter where you are.


Musee Picasso

Centre Pompidou

The Louvre