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A few weeks back, just after sunrise on a gorgeous morning here in Scottsdale Keith was at Grayhawk golf course just after day break.  Any one who knows Keith well enough knows full well that him playing a round of golf would not be what brought him to Grayhawk so early in the morning.  Over the years, Keith has tried…and tried. He has even bartered photography with a golf pro to help him conquer that sharp left turn every ball falls victim to on each and every one of his drives. Keith being a golfer is not in the cards, but Keith photographing golfers – now that’s a bit more realistic.

So on that lovely morning, Keith had the pleasure of photographing two professional golfers for Cross Golf apparel. With the sun at its kindest point early in the day and temperatures so pleasingly comfortable, Scott Piercy and Richard Lee met Keith on a green at Grayhawk Golf Club to begin a very enjoyable shoot.

The client: Cross Sportswear.  The job: lifestyle photography for the upcoming Cross Sportswear catalog/website.

Just one more example of why Keith loves his job!

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Hello Keith Hope you are doing well. I work with athletes in improving their performance through increased energy, range of motion, etc. Are you or someone you know open to meeting and learning more about how Nikken can give golfers the energy, strength and range of motion needed to achieve high performance? I look forward hearing from you soon.

Hi Sonja,
I have no particular influence with the athletes I photograph. Since they are already professional they have people that help them with that. Although your product(s) may be great and I hope they bring you much success, I am currently unable to be of any help. Sorry.


These are so great! What a great opportunity! 🙂

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