Hi All,
collodion portrait of Tommy

Day two and still posting. Woo hoo! Getting that resolution done. Only a year to go. Anyway, here is another in the collodion vein. As the year goes on I will be randomly changing subjects. Collodion portraits will be a recurring one. I hope you notice the progress even if you don’t recognize the difficulty. I will be at a conference for photographers over the coming week and of course I will be shooting opportunistically. I have no idea at present what I will get, but I will gt something. Who’s afraid of the unknown?




Keith! I remember when you were doing a portrait a day with the type 55 in Brooklyn. I think it was for two weeks or so. This is just a bit more ambitious. I am currently on day 155 of that project I used to talk about. Boonville? I’m sure I mentioned it to you at one point. Anyway, I will be traveling from Boonville, TX to Boonville, CA in March. Maybe a beer on my way through AZ is on order. All my best, and happy new Year. Timothy Briner
P.S. The images look great!

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