We adore a Multi Layered photo

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Bear with me, another post about a photo of a bride getting ready on her wedding day. Back to why we love starting here. Why these are some of the best photos of the day. There is almost always so much happening as the bride/groom are getting ready. (This isn’t meant to be sexist, but there is usually a little more going on for a bride.)

Yes, our job is to take beautiful photos of a bride, a groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowers, invitations, family + friends,  all the wedding + ceremony details but the best part of our job is to see through the chaos, the traditions and the shot list and take photos that have depth and meaning.

When we are working, we are certainly photographing the obvious and expected photos throughout the day but it’s these moments above that just happen and unfold in front of us that make us love our jobs more and more every year. We focus on the result (the beautiful bride looking at herself in the mirror) but it is the process of anticipating and seeing the scene evolve (without any coaching or staging), the multiple layers of a photograph (the bride focussed while the bridesmaids are helping, fixing, zipping) that make this photograph work so well. 

This is an example of how we see on a wedding day.