How would we describe our photography style?

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Our style is candid, documentary style wedding + engagement photography…

documentary style wedding photography

In a sea of perfectly orchestrated couple’s portraits on social media we find a little motion and emotion refreshing.

We love multi layered photographs, illustrating the depth to what is happening all around.

An intimate moment shared by two people.

A heartfelt moment between a teary eyed grandmother watching her granddaughter and possibly reminiscing about her own wedding day. Tears flowing down her cheek.

The father of the bride clutching his daughter’s hand as they take that first step down the aisle. Imagine the stream of emotions going through his mind, the look on his face can say so much.

Mother and son dancing together at the reception, whispering something to each other, something no one else can hear but something that means everything to the two of them.

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These are the moments we are looking for.

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If you have read our Q&A, then you may have read how we describe our style.

We really hate to over use the term documentary style but that might be the closest. We capture moments as they unfold, real moments that have meaning, beautiful, yet with a realness to them.

Whether it is your engagement session or your wedding day, we hope that you are oblivious to the camera because you are in the moment enjoying yourselves.

We are focused on what is happening around the two of you but we are constantly looking for what is going on everywhere else as well.

A comprehensive retelling – the whole story.

Your engagement session and wedding day will have some of the most intimate moments of your life.

Powerful, unexpected, beautiful, moving moments.

We watch your story unfold in front of our cameras. Inspired. Unique.

Vendors: Westin La Paloma, Arizona Biltmore, Hotel Valley Ho, Pronghorn Resort

Just make sure you love your wedding photographer’s style!