Nothing short of Beautiful | Enduring Love Stories

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Quite honestly one of the greatest privileges in the world is photographing a couple on their wedding day.  Our photographs become part of a family’s history forever. It will be these photographs that get passed down from generation to generation. Visual proof of where a family’s story began. Our job is to deliver photographs that remind couples of all the love and emotion that brought them to that exact moment. I get choked up just thinking of how much this means to us.

The engagement. The wedding day. Very important milestones. But we also want to celebrate marriage as it evolves over time. The different stages: the love, the friendship, the stories that bond two people together for all these years. 

The photos from this session are the beginning of this personal project to document these enduring love stories. This couple has been married for 50+ years, have four children, multiple grandchildren, have been adventurers their whole lives and in a manner of speaking are in their final chapters together. They were once young and in love, traveling the world together, moving from country to country with their kids in tow. So many incredible stories, so many great memories, so much time spent together. Yet the tenderness, the understanding, the patience and the love that bonds them together is still evident as they quietly interact with one another. 

Watching the two of them, there are no words to describe the connection. To be together this long, through good and bad, young and old, life’s rewards and challenges is just incredible. On their wedding day I wonder if they could have imagined the road that would lead to this moment. 

Nothing short of beautiful.