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One of our children’s favorite places in the world is the Phoenix Children’s Museum.  It is certainly no surprise that they absolutely embrace every corner of the museum – it is a feast for their senses.  Our kids are the perfect ages (4 and 6) to really get the most that the museum has to offer – from the amazing structure when your first walk in to the art studio to the play grocery store/restaurant.  They (and all sorts of children from around the valley) have a blast from start to finish.

Considering how important the Phoenix Children’s Museum is for Valley children it was the perfect back drop for the Free Arts of Arizona Volunteer Appreciation event held last week.  Free Arts strives to impact the lives of children through art – they bring “the healing powers of the creative arts to abused, neglected and homeless children by partnering with over 100 group homes, treatment centers and shelters in Maricopa County.”

The volunteers at Free Arts are such an integral part of the program’s continued success.  Having the volunteer appreciation event at the Museum complemented the Free Arts message.

When I am at the Museum with my children they are able to express themselves in the safe, fun atmosphere that the Museum provides. Free Arts would like all children to have the same opportunity and be able to express their emotions and thrive in a safe environment. The hard work of the volunteers directly benefits the “thousands of abused, homeless and at-risk children who participate in the programs of Free Arts of Arizona each year.” (taken from the Free Arts website)

Thank you volunteers!

(Free Arts for Abused Children is the partner charity of Keith & Melissa Photographers.  We enjoy photographing their events and participating in any way we can be helpful.  We feel honored to be associated with such an amazing charity!)