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We view the art of family photography as an improvisational collaboration. A family portrait session should be full of laughter and love. Yes we will get perfectly posed family photos but what we love even more are the photos that let your family's personality shine through. Imagination. Fun. Playful. The heart of who you are as a family.



What photos will you look back on that will instantly remind you of your children? This photo is one of those photos for me. I just love this portrait of Gabby. I'm reminded of her early childhood, how she loved to craft, always busy, she had (and still has) a never ending joy of imaginative playing combined with a fascination for learning. This photo is smack dab in the middle of my large family wall of photographs and I smile every time I walk past it. 

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We view the art of family photography as an improvisational collaboration. Children unscripted. You know, running until they fall then laughing and doing it again. Looking at mom for approval AFTER they have jumped in the fountain. Doing what's fun without over-thinking it. A photo session with your kids should be filled with towel caped heroes and bed sheet forts. It's about capturing a moment of their uncontained imaginations. Improvisation at its earliest and truest form. It's love: rubbing noses with mommy. It's energy: jumping on the bed playing air guitar. It's resilient: scraped knees and cartoon Band-Aids. It's yummy: milk mustaches and cookie crumb smiles. It's... children unscripted.

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Pre-session consultation. This consult is available by phone or zoom. During this conversation we will schedule your preferred date, location, discuss the plan for your session as well your thoughts on how you will showcase the keepsakes in your home. 
The session. We guarantee that you and your children will actually enjoy the photo shoot. We will keep it light and fun. The result, honest photos of who you are as a family.
Ordering your art. Two weeks after your session, you will view your images in an online gallery. Once you have selected your favorites we will help you determine ways to showcase the images in your home as well as order gift prints.