Family | Favorite Photos 2017

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The greatest honor in the world is photographing a new milestone for a family. 

We are so fortunate to photograph so many wonderful families throughout the year. This is just a small sample of all the sessions that include all of life’s milestones that we are entrusted to capture from maternity, senior photos, a new baby, a first birthday, a new dog, a family trip to a California beach, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Santa sessions, holiday photos, large family groups and multi generation family photographs.

Our relationships often begin with a couple when we photograph their wedding.  Other families we have been photographing since they entrusted us with maternity photos, still others have had family photos taken with us year after year.  To see a family grow, whether it be with a four legged friend or the birth of a new baby is such a privilege. 

To walk into someone’s home and see these photos on their walls, on their coffee table, in their office – is a feeling that is hard to explain. Knowing that these photos will be part of a family’s history forever and ever warms my heart. Photos of my family mean the world to me, they invoke nostalgia, they take me right back to a moment in time, a feeling, a story, they are the reminders of the little things and big things and they tell the story of my life. 

What I love most about our clients is that this is what matters to them as well. They love photography because they understand its importance, this incredible legacy to leave for future generations.