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There are so many amazing wedding vendors in Arizona. There are plenty of categories and so many great professionals – honestly, featuring just one per week, how do you narrow it down?


Like wedding photography, I imagine that the competition is fierce for wedding and event planners in the valley. There are some really talented wedding planners and as wedding photographers, we have the good fortune of working with the best of the best in the business. Of course, in our humble opinion two of the most important decisions a couple will make as bride and groom (well of course the first being to marry each other!) is choosing the best wedding planner and the best wedding photographer. When I say the best, I mean the wedding planner and wedding photographer that best suits your style and personality – a very subjective decision.

This week our focus is on a very special Arizona Wedding Planner: Imoni Events. I asked Jen Thye, owner and principal planner, a few questions:


What is your favorite part about the wedding day?  The ceremony for sure.  The vows that are exchanged.  The love story that is told.  I just love it.  It is by far the most important part of the day, so it is hands down my favorite.
What is one question you wish clients would ask more often?  Do you have any references?  Our clients tell us all the time that we can use them as references.  But since most people don’t ask for them, they rarely get a chance to tell their story of working with Imoni Events.  When they do ask, our clients amaze us with what they say.  Almost everyone hires us who hears our references, and they usually pass along the emails as well.  So they are fun to read!  Plus, if more people asked for references, cheap or inexperienced planners would always be revealed.
There is a lot of competition in your field, if I was a bride, why should I hire you?  We know what we are doing, and we have fun doing it!  Period.  :o)
What trends are you seeing?  Lots of color.  Bright fun colors.  But don’t be distracted, all white, neutral, even antique palettes are also still in style.  And they stand the test of time.  So there is certainly a color palette for everyone!
What is your philosophy?  Our philosophy is simple: life is about people.  So the moments you spend with those people need to be special and memorable.  That is where we come in and craft surroundings that make for picture perfect memories.
What is your inspiration?  Again, I am going to sound like a broken record here, but people.  A wedding is a union between two individuals who have their own unique story and background.  So the inspiration for anything we do comes for those stories, personalities, hobbies, etc.  We want to honor the people we work for and tell their story in a real special way.
If you had all the money in the world, what would you be doing?  Living a life of simplicity and helping others.  I think you know me by now, but I am super involved in collecting food for food banks, shoes, hygienic supplies and clothing for homeless shelters, battered women and children.  I am also involved in supporting safe schools for kids in Africa and shelter for teenage sex slaves.  I really want to rid the world of this kind of sadness and money always helps.  :o)


Thank you Jen!