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Every week, our blog will feature a Q&A with a wedding professional. We are excited to feature all sorts of wedding vendors: gorgeous venues, resorts, wedding planners, florists, bakers, bridal salons, travel agents, destination ideas and of course, videographers.

To kick off our new weekly feature, why not start with the best? The most popular. The winner of the The Top Of The Tiara Award from Arizona Bride Magazine this past year. One of our favorite wedding vendors. And apparently, it’s not just us!

What an honor to have Serendipity Videography as our first official Q&A with a wedding pro!
We asked a few questions and got a few answers:
  • What is a quick history of SerendipitySerendipity has been in business for 6 years but Jeff our Director of Cinematography and Editing has over 20 years of experience.
  • What is your inspirationWhat inspires us: our couples amazing love stories. We love to hear the often times crazy and even random way that their paths crossed, led them to fall in love and eventually down the aisle. Those stories inspire us to handcraft wedding films that are customized to our couple’s desires.
  • What makes Serendipity better than any other videographerThe ability to weave together a customized story using interviews from the couple, family and friends. Our experience is unparalled with our Cinematographers being professional by trade and Emmy Award Winning Cinematographers.
  • What would you consider Serendipity’s greatest accomplishmentThe Top Of The Tiara Award from Arizona Bride Magazine in 2011 as well as one of our weddings being featured on David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding. 
  • What question do you wish brides would ask you more often?  I wish couples would understand the importance of investing just as much in cinematography as photography. Both are preserving memories for a lifetime and deserve to be equally invested in. I wish they would ask our opinion on why this investment is so important. 
  • Why should a bride and groom hire you for their weddingOur expertise is storytelling. Coming from the news business all of our cinematographers are natural born storytellers. We have a very different style than most cinematographers. We build a story around a couple’s wedding day using not only the sites of the day but also the sounds. 
  • What would you do if you had all the money in the worldDrop everything and travel the world many times over!!
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