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Flip Video


Wow..I was so looking forward to my latest purchase getting delivered on Thursday. I was pleasantly surprised when the UPS driver rang the bell and left my little package sitting by the door this afternoon – could it be the Flip Video had arrived two days early? Yes…there it was! It is so adorable – just like the picture! I am amazed…even I can handle using this straight out of the box! It is so straightforward and sooo attractive – we decided to order orange so that it matches our overall look – I’m not sure if that matters or not but if it is sitting out in our office, it will match our aesthetic!
This is why we bought this, I hate to admit that certain generalizations and stereotypes are still proven true in our home on a regular basis, including the fact that I am technically challenged and my husband loves every new gadget that comes along – but that is why the Flip is perfect for us! It looks like the Time Magazine reviewer had me in mind…

Flip: Point-and-Shoot VideoFinally, a video camera so easy, a technophobic wife can use it. That’s precisely the point of Flip – Time Magazine July, 2008

Here’s what Flips website says about itself: The world’s simplest camcorder. It lets you capture the everyday moments that happen anywhere and share them with friends and family everywhere. That’s the idea behind Flip Video Ultra. It’s simple, portable, and amazingly affordable.


It is amazing how many great moments happen throughout the course of the day…we will be able to use the Flip to document our 2 little girls doing all sorts of crazy things as well as bring it on location to a wedding or a kids shoot – it is so compact and easy to use – the possibilities are endless! I will get acquainted with our new little gadget and report back in a couple days…