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I was just reading a post on Daily Candy about the 18 Most Gorgeous Pools Around the Globe – and number 6 was the Floating Pool Lady.  Ok, for most of my adult life, I lived in New York City – and I never heard of this pool.  What a cool concept – a pool that moves around!

photo by Philippe Baumann

Here’s the description, taken right from the New York City Department of Parks website:

The “Floating Pool Lady,” a seven-lane pool on a barge, has arrived in Barretto Point Park in the Bronx and she’ll be staying through the summer.

Come swim in this unique public pool, with its beautiful view of New York City’s waterfront. The freshwater Floating Pool features a pool house, locker rooms, bathrooms, and all the amenities of a standard pool, as well as a gangplank to take you from the land to the pool. The entire facility is ADA compliant.

Seeing this pool has motivated me to list the top 6 resort pools here in Arizona that are perfect for little kids (non-swimmers)!  Stay tuned!