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Holiday parties are such a perfect fit for The Live Photo Booth – a few drinks, lots of laughs and great pictures. It seems that once the Booth gets rolling, people immediately let their hair down and have a blast. This was a real fun group – lots of great personalities and co-workers that really seem to enjoy hanging out together.

I know, I know it is hard to explain how the Booth works if you don’t witness it for yourself. It is sooo much better than the nostalgic free standing photobooths that are so popular at weddings these days. The Booth is interactive, it becomes the center of the party, a great ice breaker. We are asked all the time to describe the difference between The Live Photo Booth and a photobooth. The major differences are:  1. you can fit lots of people in our open air booth, you are not jammed into a little booth. 2. your guests can see the action, they see all the fun, they hear all the laughs. The Booth is contagious. 3. Quality pictures. A real professional (most of the time it is Keith) photographer that takes top quality, well lit photos of you and your guests. We hear all the time from clients that these are the “best pictures” they have of themselves. 4. The photos print within seconds of you taking your photo. Instant gratification!

This Four Seasons holiday party enjoyed the Booth to its max! And so did we.

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