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Ok…we are really behind posting images from sessions leading up to the New Year – we will get caught up and start showing some lovely families in short order!
In the meantime, anyone who knows our youngest daughter Gabriella knows how she is (how shall we say this nicely) – hair challenged!  She has lovely curls but they are few and have a mind of their own.  She will be three next month (wow, where does the time go!) – and she had never had a hair cut (never really needed one until this past month or so!) until the week before Christmas.

(side note:  I have TRIED to get her hair cut with Devina (she is so great) at Rumors – where Isabella (my 5 year old) and I go to – but Gabby screamed her head off in the chair..I mean really screamed her head off.  It was a no go!)

So after our very loud display with Devina at Rumors, I was at Chick-fil-A with my little ones and my lovely mother.  The kids were running around the play area and I started chatting with another mom (whose two little twin boys had gorgeous hair cuts – and were half Gabby’s age).  We struck up a conversation and the conversation somehow ended up about kids’ hair cuts.  To make a long story short, she recommended Kids Kuts.

Now I had been down this road before – Isabella’s first hair cut was at a place called Cool Cuts 4 Kids (they have several locations, but this one was in Glendale) and the police car/airplane/race car worked really well with the Dora/Sponge Bob/Little Einstein DVDs that they let her choose from.  I guess I had been hoping for simplicity, having all hair cuts done under one roof (on the same day at the same time).  The tirade at Rumors and the meeting with the mom at Chick-fil-A reminded me that Gabby needed to go down the same specialty kids haircut route.  And you know what…it went seamlessly!

Kids Kuts suited Gabby perfectly – we even had to wait 15 minutes (she happily played with the train set).   Once My Little Pony was put in the DVD player she was like butter.  Not even a sound out of her!  I had to pry her out of the chair and out of the salon:  she was having so much fun — and — her hair looked great!

What did I learn?  Skip the salon for 2 year olds – they need their own VIP treatment (and they deserve it!)  These kids’ haircut salons are GREAT!  and I get a keepsake – an adorable card with the hair from my daughter’s first hair cut – I bet they don’t do that at Rumors!