Sneak Peek Engagement Session at the Grand Canyon

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the blog:

There were moments when it seemed like we had this entire place to ourselves. The vastness, the incredible beauty, these scenes unchanged in nature forever but now part of this couple’s story.

The chill in the air was refreshing until we were standing out a little bit later in the day and a little bit more exposed and then it was down right cold. A big thank you to our lovely bride who hung in there and made it look so easy!

I am appreciative that this couple wanted to make the extra effort to get some really pretty photos. When they look at these photos now, I hope that they will love their interactions and how pretty the scenery was. But I bet when they look back on this series of photos many years down the road more than the beauty of the Grand Canyon will come to mind.

They will reflect back on their love, how long they have been together, what it was like to be in love all those years ago and still be in love when they are 35, 45, 55, 65 etc. These photos represent a time in their lives, before they were married, before raising a family, before growing old together.

In my mind these photos are monumental, they will hold a special place in their history together – a lovely look back in time.