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Hello All,
Especially the parents of these really cute little trick or treaters. For those who weren’t there, this is the annual Halloween Parade that my kids school puts on. It is too cute for words. I am not sure that a camera can even capture it. I brought my camera along to get a few shots of my girls and next thing you know I have enough to make a slide show. I hope you ( all of you ) like it. Feel free to comment, I can take it.

Oh… I almost forgot… Press the play arrow and enjoy the photo of my girls while the show is loading. It goes fast. If you press the little arrow on the lower right then you can view the photos one at a time if you wish. I recommend watching the slide show first.




Hello Sue,

Thanks a lot for the kind words. I had a blast doing it. I really didn’t think  I would have had that many shots. I went thinking that I would take a few of my daughters and a couple of the kids that I knew and get to work. Photographing for me is like chatting… Once I start I have a difficult time stopping. I’m glad you like the results. 

Keith, thank you for sharing the slide show of the Halloween parade! Your pictures were simply amazing! You captured the moment and I thank you for sharing the pictures with the rest of us. We have watched your slide show over and over again with our son Justin ( Mr Incredible ) and he has also enjoyed seeing all of his classmates. The people we have shared your slide show with have also commented on just how wonderful that day must have been! Thanks Again! Angie & Sue  ( Justin’s Mom’s )

Hi Dana, Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you liked the photos. I loved Erica’s UPS costume. She pulled it off so well. 

Keith,The pictures are wonderful and I thank you sooo much for sharing them with us.  I was one of those parents that was unable to attend, but was able to participate on halloween, though I was the only one who dressed up.  Thanks again,mom of Erica (UPS Driver), Kenda (WonderWoman aka Super Girl), and Hannah (Pirate Princess)

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