Happy 2014!

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Cheers to the beginning of a new year! We are so grateful for a wonderful 2013 and we are ready to embrace all that 2014 has to offer!

Thank you to everyone for making 2013 such a successful year both professionally and personally. We are so fortunate to get to do what we love, one photo at a time.

Today I was at a friend’s house and as a I sat on her couch I noticed all the beautiful framed photos that adorned her living room walls. I jumped off the couch and took a closer look. There is nothing I enjoy more than pouring over old photos. There were several generations of family represented. Weddings. Babies. Couples. Extended family. Photos ranging from the 1920’s to present. A history of her family.

She started telling me about the different people in some of the photos. I knew who her children were, her husband, even her parents. But it was so heartwarming to hear the stories of all the people in these photographs. Who these people were. How they related to her life.  A reminder of how important photography is. These wedding photos, family portraits and snapshots add so much to the family history.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Happy New Year!

(The above photo was take at a recent 2013 wedding at the Montelucia in Scottsdale. Blog post coming soon!)