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Hi All,
Here are some photos from the rally to show support for President Obama’s health care reform. I have a side which I am very passionate  about but I will not debate it here. I spent three hours walking around talking to specifically to people who did not share my opinion. Some have asked why I always like to talk to people who don’t share my views and my answer is, what is gained by only talking to people who agree with you? Nothing can change that way. Conversation (talking AND listening) is the only way to ever reach agreement on anything. When people shout down others or randomly break into song during meetings then nothing is gained unless the objective is to impede communication. Do not ask questions if you don’t want to listen to the answer.

Lastly I would like to point out the man with the gun in some of the following photos. I spoke with him for about 15 minutes or longer and he was polite and intelligent. I can not for the life of me understand why he would feel a need to carry a gun into a crowd that everyone knew would have a large police presence. I know it is a right here in Arizona as it is in a few other states (carry in public) but it had no obvious purpose other than to taunt. This would not have been tolerated under the last President as there were “Free speech” zones when he made appearances that were set up out of site of the media and attendees so that fewer people would notice them. The news got out anyway but not with the same impact. I am happy to see that the right to demonstrate has returned regardless of what side you are on. Demonstration (hopefully peaceful) is a wonderful part of a democracy.

And with that I give you the photos. Thanks for staying with me.