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Holiday Photo Tip:
Keith gets asked this question all the time – how do I take a good picture of my Christmas tree? My Hanukkah lights?  My house/exterior decorations?

·     For inside shots: turn out ambient lighting (the tree/lights will be glowing – for a prettier effect)

·     Turn off flash (the flash will overpower the lights from the tree)

·     Tripod (or a means of keeping your camera from moving and the picture from being blurry)

·     Set camera to tungsten or keep on auto color (default setting)

·     If using film – use a fast film (800 or higher) – to capture more light

·     If using digital – set the ISO at 400 and use the tripod (if you do not get desired results, play around with the ISO, without getting technical, consumer digital cameras do not work as well at high ISOs)

·     For exterior shots, treat your house like it is the Christmas tree – follow the above suggestions but turn the inside lights on – if you have dimmers, put them at half way

·     For exterior shots:  best time to shoot is right after the sun goes down before it gets too dark