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While we are sharing family photographs here’s a few more.

Isabella had her really good friend from school over for a play date – boy do these two enjoy each other!  Lots of laughs, playing, just being kids. It is so refreshing to see children enjoying themselves – I don’t think there is anything better than the laughter of children.

Look at Gabby in the background blowing bubbles – she is so cute!

It is always handy having a children’s portrait photographer as a dad, I must say. Our children’s childhood has been very well documented. I have a huge smile on my face when I look back at all the amazing photos we have. My next personal project is going to to design and print an album per year. Since no one has a house that can display all the great images we have, I have decided to learn our album design software and put together albums for the past several years. I will share my finished project – year by year. I think I’ll begin with 2010 and work my way backwards.

Don’t worry grandmas, you’ll get a copy of each and every one!

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